What is hot yoga?

Hot yoga is the practice of yoga in a room that is heated to between 90 and 105 F depending on the class. The room is also humidified to encourage perspiration.

What are the benefits of hot yoga?

The most significant benefits of hot yoga are:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Weight Loss
  • Stress reduction
  • Improved energy levels and sense of well being.

Sweating profusely aids detoxification via the body’s largest organ of elimination, the skin. This greatly improves health and vitality by encouraging the body to remove waste and burn more calories. As the body is cleansed of toxins, the mind also becomes clearer as increased blood flow in the body in turn increases focus and concentration.

The heat and mild humidity create a “sauna-like” yoga experience which allows even the most inflexible, out of shape student to stretch more easily and safely. They help by loosening muscles to prevent injury. The warm tropical environment also encourages students to relax and breathe more deeply.

I have never done hot yoga before. What if I cannot make it through a class?

You are welcome and highly encouraged to work at your own pace. Drink a lot of water and stay hydrated through the class.  Take a break when you feel discomfort.

I am not very flexible. How can I do the yoga poses?

Our certified teachers will work at your level to slowly increase your flexibility. The goal is not to “Be the best” but to “Do your best”.

What should I wear to class?

Wear whatever you would wear to exercise outside on a hot summer day. Students typically wear running/bike shorts and tank tops/tees/sports bras. Do remember that you will sweat a lot. So do not wear anything that becomes see-through when it is wet. Also, bring dry clothes to change into after class.

What should I bring to class?

Bring a yoga mat, a thin mat towel, a small hand towel and a water bottle

What should I eat or drink before class?

Do not come to class on a full stomach unless you want to show everyone in class what you ate. Eat something light an hour or so earlier – such as a piece of fruit, a power bar, a yoghurt or juice. Do drink plenty of water before class.

Are there rules to follow?

  • No cell phones or pagers are allowed in the yoga room at any time.
  • No shoes in the yoga room.
  • No gum in the yoga room.
  • Please keep your body and feet clean when attending class.
  • Please, no glass bottles.
  • Please be on time. Yoga is a discipline; latecomers will not be admitted–it is distracting, disrespectful to your teacher and fellow students. The front doors will be locked after class begins.
  • Please do not bring your bags or extra clothes into the yoga room. Leave them in the lobby. Please leave valuables in your car.
  • Please be silent in the yoga room. Use the time before class to quiet down, stretch, meditate and relax.
  • In consideration for those with sensitivities or allergies, please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, or strongly scented products in class.
  • All students must use a mat and towel.
  • When finding a spot in the studio, please do so quietly being considerate of those around you. Please do not block another person’s view of the mirror. In a full classroom you need only see a portion of yourself in the mirror. Adjust your mat as needed to accommodate others.
  • Please do not walk through class during postures. If you must leave, please do so quietly.
  • Please try to remain in class the entire time. This is for your benefit, as well as for the other students in class. When going in and out of classroom, please close the door gently and quietly. Do not leave door open.  ( Flow and power yoga classes are 60 minutes and Series 26 and Ashtanga classes are 75 minutes long.)